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Director's Message


From a small dream, established in an area of 20 thousands sq. yards, today Semstar Global School, Naini stands in bringing excellence in education. With its roots firmly grounded this institution promises a shade of persistence and sweet fruits of a better tomorrow. Moving towards its fifth year....

Principal's Message


Today education is not about getting into the best school and preparing for a bright career, its much beyond that. We are living in a globally competitive world, where we must acknowledge the importance of genuine knowledge, wisdom, humanitarian values and living and progressing in harmony...

About Us

Semstar Global School Naini, Prayagraj

Semstar Global School, Naini affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi is a young and promising educational institution. It was founded in 2013 under the chairmanship of Mr. Gyaneshwar Tiwari. As a co-educational school, it imparts education to boys and girls of all castes and creeds......

Thought of the day

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

~ Norman Vincent Peale

Toppers 2019-20

  • Aanchal Srivastava 94%
  • Amar Dwivedi 94%
  • Anshika Yadav 94%
  • Aryan Singh 94%
  • Naveen Singh 94%
  • Nikita Singh 94%
  • Nitin Dwivedi 94%
  • Piyush Upadhyay 94%
  • Preeti Kumari 94%
  • Sara Pandey 94%
  • Ayush Dwivedi 91%
  • Kriya Mishra 90%
  • Pallavi Yadav 90%
  • Lalit Mishra 88%
  • Abhitesh Singh 87%
  • Sakshi Rai 87%
  • Akanksha Pal 86%
  • Arpita Singh 86%
  • Divyanshi Vishwakarma 86%
  • Mahima Yadav 86%
  • Rajneesh Kushwaha 86%
  • Tanya Ahuja 86%
  • Vartika Massay 86%
  • Vikash Kushwaha 86%
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